QuickScore is the only application designed to bring fun gaming graphics and tennis score-keeping rules together …so children have fun while playing tennis!
Our Mission

Tennis scoring is relatively complex. In professional tournaments, depending on the tournament, the scoring systems are different to reduce playing times or increase the entertainment level. Teaching kids how scoring works can be frustrating. They usually learn it in their first tournaments.

We turned this frustrating process into a fun opportunity. The “Under 10 Tennis” initiative has developed globally in the last decade, making the early tennis experience more interactive. QuickScore is a natural continuation of these efforts, making the best use of existing technologies.

Our Approach

We combined excellent graphics with a warm voice in a simple fun iOS app. Kids can customise their characters and background. Usually a parent or a coach can choose the scoring system used. This way, kids are be able to manage themselves an entire tournament without parent interaction. One can play the role of a referee while two others play. They can switch roles when they get bored.


“You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
Albert Einstein


Cool graphics

Our mobile graphics designer, Bogdan, is excellent with kids graphics (mobile apps, books, booklets, games). Clean, bright lines give the app a cozy look.

Warm voice

We hired a musician to borrow his warm voice which we combine in any type of scoring system you can imagine.

Custom voices

Kids can record their own names when playing, so the announcer pronounces their names when score changes.

Custom graphics

Change player characters and background to provide a unique custom experience and keep the fun lasting.