MatchPro is a software solution designed to collect statistics during a tennis match. Either a parent, a coach or a teammate can track stats for a player.

Tennis players, coaches and fans can use the stats, reports and charts generated by MatchPro to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

MatchPro was designed for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Some stats are available on the device. More stats and charts are available if data is uploaded to

The app was developed in 2010 in cooperation with coaches, parents and players. The app design was optimized to minimize time spent for input. You can hold the app in your hands while the game is playing. You need to interact with it right after the point

  • first, you choose how the point has started (e.g. body serve)
  • when the point ends, you can choose if it ended with a winner, forced error or unforced error
  • lastly, you choose the type of shot

The app can also keep track of the score for you.