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ProfiDOCS in numbers

Starting from your business case, we work with you to identify the best means to target your audience. This can involve special graphics, special features or innovative ways of interacting with the audience.

We support your business case by feeding in technical elements that can be monetised from the beginning. Monetisation is built into the product, it’s not something we consider afterwards.

Up to 50% costs savings when developing both iOS and Android apps50%
Up to 90% code reuse between iOS and Android90%
Central business logic offers total control across platforms100%
Customer retention up to date100%
Day sprints between releases (typical)
Least number of days of free bugfixing

Our Team

The members of our core team are enthusiastic professionals.
Some more exotic technologies, which are a smaller part of our projects, are covered by a highly skilled partner ecosystem.



Marian has founded the company after holding various business positions at Microsoft South East Europe (SEE) over eight years. He has an interesting combination of business and technical experience.

More than a tennis enthusiast, Marian has played tennis since childhood, later acting as a coach and referee.



Bogdan has an impressive portfolio ranging from application design, product design and illustrations. He has designed the iPhone apps MatchPro and QuickScore for ProfiDocs.



Cătălin has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Fields of interest: software engineering, mobile application development, 3D graphics.

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. Cătălin thinks football is much more important than that.

What we do

Field Analysis

Understanding your business needs is key to us designing the right solution for you. We analyse with you the best ways to capture the business opportunity. Whether you have an existing app that has failed or one that never made it to the store, or if you want to develop a new one, we are here to help you in the process. If you are successful, we are successful.


We use mostly .NET technologies with rich integration with open source platforms. Here are a few technologies we use most commonly:

  • IDE: Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and XCode
  • Frameworks: .NET Framework
  • Cloud: Azure and Amazon Web Services
  • MBaaS: Azure Mobile Apps, Parse
  • Development Languages: C#, Objective C, Java
  • ORM: NHibernate, CoreData
  • Web: PHP, JavaScript
  • Database: SQLite, SQL Server, MongoDB

Failing Project?

We specialise in recovering failed projects from other developers. It’s not something we planned for, but over the years we’ve helped a lot of customers recover a lost project. Because we don’t do just development, we understand the need to deliver quality products in time. Ok, there are technical details to consider,  but the main objective is to go to market.

Don’t let your project fail, let’s put it on the market.