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ProfiDOCS is a professional software development company.
We offer consulting, design, implementation and support for software solutions we develop or integrate. Our aim is to help you deliver the best quality services to your customers.

We develop mobile solutions (B2B and B2C) and enterprise traceability software solutions designed to track the entire production process from A to Z.

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str Fedra nr2 ap 14
Timisoara 300013,
Romania, EU

 +40 356 175.628
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We are a team of passionate professionals, continuously investing in personal development. In today’s business environment, moving fast seems to be the only success metric. Very soon this strategy turns into a disaster. On the long term, quality is what makes businesses stand out and survive. To prove that we live for quality, we fix our bugs for free in a reasonable timeframe after shipping.

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Today, a relatively complex, yet small solution needs to be delivered in three-four months. Not long ago, a similar solution had six-seven months delivery time. Knowing this, we have implement the most modern agile techniques and have integrated modern tools to allow us to have a tested build available for release any time. You decide when the product is ready for release, while focusing on your core business.



In order to succeed, businesses need to react quickly to changing conditions. We work closely with you to understand your business environment. Why? Because by understanding your environment, we can lay a solid foundation for change. So, instead of waiting for change to occur, sometimes we can anticipate and use it to your advantage. You’ll almost start celebrating change ;). That’s how we understand flexibility.

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our values

Trust is a feeling very hard to achieve. And once achieved, it can be lost in an instant.

Winning the hearts and minds of our customers is our core concern. Therefore we use transparent processes, we don’t over promise and we deliver on our promises. We don’t have to always agree, it’s your decision after all. But, we will argument our side of the story, so you can take an informed decision.

Oh, one more thing: we like to have fun at work, it helps our creativity thrive 🙂